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Wyatt | Crystal Room Spray Of Strength | Spiced Cinnamon & Pear

Wyatt | Crystal Room Spray Of Strength | Spiced Cinnamon & Pear

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Infused With Sodalite and White Quartz Crystals for Support and Strength

Wyatt’ is the most powerful confidence booster and energy product within our range. 

Wyatt’ will reconnect + strengthen your connection with your intuition. Spray our room spray into your space & like your own guardian angel, Wyatt will guide you to make choices with your sixth sense rather than being clouded by emotions and overthinking. 

Fragrance - Spiced Cinnamon + Pear


Spray your Three Suns luxury room spray into the center of the room, to scent your home with the favorite Three Suns Scent. The fragrance is impactful but never overpowering and will leave your space smelling fresh + vibrant for hours.

Size: 125ml


Our Eco-Friendly Room Spray base, specifically designed to provide maximum fragrance dispersion is: Environmentally friendly, Glycerin based solvent – renewable source, Sustainable – a great alternative to petrochemical based solvents, Not Flammable, Lower carbon Footprint Non-Toxic

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